Repair Warranty Terms and Conditions

Repair Warranty Terms and Conditions

Repair Terms and Conditions

Prior to proceeding with our service, we urge you to carefully peruse the subsequent repair terms and conditions.

Warranty Terms:

Devices sent to Star Phones for repair will be covered by a 6-month warranty starting from the date when the service is completed.

Warranty Approval Procedure:

Warranty claims are contingent upon approval by our technicians. If you find the resolution unsatisfactory, please get in touch with us at or use our accessible online contact form.

Warranty Exceptions:

The warranty will be rendered null and void, failing to cover defects, if any of the following circumstances are evidenced:

  • Physical and water damage, be it accidental, deliberate, or a result of general wear and tear.
  • Post Apple device repairs, if the device exhibits notifications like “Unknown Part” or “Display/battery could not be verified.”
  • Third-party servicing of the device not associated with Star Phones.
  • Problems unrelated to the initial service intent and not diagnosed by Star Phones, encompassing software glitches, hardware issues, motherboard malfunctions, and liquid damage.
  • Loss of data incurred due to the repair. Customers are advised to back up their data before undergoing repair.
  • Repairs performed with parts procured from sources other than Star Phones.
Service, labour and booking fees
Service, labour and booking fees may be applicable in case of incorrect choice/change of mind to all devices we fix and depends on what device it is and cost of the total repair. Absolutely minimum service labour and booking fee is $59 and can range up to $259 depending on the device. The cost of the part fixed, repaired, or replaced is different to service, booking and labour fee.

Waterproofing Disclaimer:

It’s important to note that tampering with a device’s internal components may compromise its original waterproofing capabilities. Star Phones does not extend a warranty for waterproofing and shall not be held accountable for liquid damage resulting from a broken seal.

Uncollected Devices:

If a device remains uncollected for a period of 60 days after service completion, it will be disposed of or recycled in compliance with uncollected goods legislation.

Refund Procedure:

If a refund is approved, any components installed by Star Phones remain the property of Star Phones and must be returned to initiate the refund process.